WoKart® Specifications

Dimensions and Technical Details

WoKart specifications are as follows:

Length x Width 380 x 169 centimetre
Weight 210 kilogramme (without engine)
Maximum Engine Power (CE Approved) 70 hp
Maximum Speed (CE Approved 70-hp version) 40 knots – 75 km/h


  • High-performance propeller-driven standard outboard engines up to 70 hp.

Other WoKart® models are planned

  • WoKart Twin: A twin seater model is in planning. This two seater model will provide all the fun and enjoyment of WoKart for two, based on the proven existing chassis.

Excellent build quality

  • WoKart is hand built using the highest quality materials to achieve the best possible weight to strength ratio.
  • Especially skilled personnel make it possible for WoKart to avoid the standard rubber connection between upper and lower hull.
  • Custom made true carbon fiber dashboard.
  • Unique custom sport seat designed to accommodate swim vests in comfort.

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