Wokart Overview

WoKart® Highlights

The fun factor

  • Class leading high speed 90° turns.
  • World’s first ever mid mounted outboard engine.
  • Incredibly Fast and agile handling.
  • Class leading stability.
  • Acceleration is exceptional.
  • Asymmetric catamaran layout provides speed and control.
  • Foot throttle and adjustable seat giving car like control on the water.
  • Enjoy fun even in jet craft forbidden locations.


  • Extremely stable.
  • Easy, self – explanatory and safe handling.
  • Low centre of gravity.
  • The curvilinear design creates a strong, in excess of industry norms, Monocoque structure.
  • No moving parts are accessible thanks to the mid mounted engine.
  • Safe and stable even in choppy seas.
  • Design ensures controlled deceleration.


Several accessories have been developed including a custom made trailer for WoKart®.

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